the bass had pinchy grass things and i had to remove them and it hurt & stressed him out so im trying to let him relax and sleep a lil and pet him



this is like a real life Feels Guy in the Corner at a Party meme

"have i finally achieved absolute urban stealth?"


internet fossil

im so tired

i like walking around a lot in campus i feel good about it later but just really tired

they were cool and fun to talk to, i have math with them every day except friday so

at least i hope they took my bag for me

you cant go into the bookstore with bags and have to leave it at a desk place where someone’ll put it in a locker

i told him which bag was mine and he looked in all the lockers and seemed confused so it couldve been there but he just couldnt tell idk

i hope if it is there that they keep it overnight

im here, me n my friends went to the bookstore but we had to go in different lines and i think they left before me and kept my bag for me fuc

i ate waaaay too much and i regret it